Stories · October 5, 2020

The best Halloween costumes for 2020

Trying to figure out what you want to be for Halloween this year? Look no further. These 2020 Halloween costume trends will make you the star of every virtual Halloween party and world meeting. Now all you need to do is decide which terrifyingly good look you want to go for.

Don’t forget your mask

The most important fashion accessory of 2020 is undoubtedly the face mask, and you should absolutely plan on wearing one on Halloween if you plan on interacting with anyone outside of your household. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your look. There are tons of hauntingly gorgeous masks you can incorporate into your costume to keep you looking frightful while keeping you and others safe. Can’t find the right mask for your look? Why not make your own? Just remember to follow CDC guidelines to ensure your facial covering meets all their recommendations.

Mummy Face Mask

Mummy Face Mask @GoodStuffUP

The best TV-inspired costumes

If you’ve been binge-watching television these days (we know we have), then you’ll know that there are all kinds of iconic costume ideas from all of the amazing TV shows of 2020. Pick your favorite and be prepared to shock and awe.

Scary good makeup looks

Like pretty much everything this year, Halloween will look a bit different in 2020. With the rise of the virtual Halloween party, fierce makeup looks are bound to steal the show this year. Whether the category is gruesomely gorgeous or stunningly spooky, get ready to show off your best (from the waist up).

Get crafty

If you’re not particularly motivated to hit the stores or scour the web for the latest and greatest costumes, you can easily make your own DIY Halloween costume using items you probably already have at home. No matter if you go the simple sheet-over-head ghost route or make something that requires a bit more imagination, the sky is the limit when it comes to making your own frightfully delightful costume.


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