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The 42 So Funny GIFs Of All Time

You're gonna wanna save these.

1. When you just wanna party with your pants off.


2. When nobody understands why you’re still freaking out about not getting the Peach Bellini candles you called about.


3. Science, b*tch!

4. I can’t stand

5. When you’re feeling chill AF and should probably just be left alone.

6. When you felt that ineffable glimmer of hope fade away into the dark recesses of your depressed soul (oops!).

7. When. You. Don’t. Know. Her.



8. When you’re rockin’ out with your cockatoo out.

9. When you need to run and take cover.

10. When you’re on a riding a rollercoaster of emotions and you just need some space.


11. When you’re inexplicably sad but also unable to do anything about it so fuck it, might as well stare at David Tennant’s sideburns.


12. When you’re trying to get out of that lie.



13. When you honestly have no idea how you got here.

14. When everything is garbage so you should just become king of the garbage.

15. When you’re keeping track of your receipts.

16. When you’re like “well, what did you expect to have happen, honey?”


17. When you are surprised as hellllllll.



18. When you’re just excited to be here.

19. When you’re just motoring along.


CW / Via Hulu/Giphy

21. When ain’t nobody got time for that.


22. OH MY GOSH!!!



23. When the tears keep a-flowing.

24. When you’re just here for the memes.

25. When you’re just trying to fit in.


26. When the paper was due at 10 and it’s 9:55.

27. But hey, it’s chill.


28. When you’re so here for the dramz.

29. UH-HUH.

30. When you was rooting for you.


31. When you’d rather pretend you’re not alive, thanksverymuch.


32. When things are really actually a horrid nightmare hellscape from which you cannot escape.


K.C. Greene

33. She f**ked up.

34. When you’ve figured out your aesthetic.


35. When you just figured out how to find porn on your mom’s computer.

Warner Bros.

36. When you’re both the insolent monkey AND the unyielding computer.

Getty Images

37. When you’re outtttttttie 5000.

38. When…f**k you, honestly.



39. When you’re like OK, sure, there’s always money in the banana stand.


40. When you’d like to get the fuck outta the conversation as quickly as possible.

41. When you’re trying your best to be glamorous through the pain.


42. And finally, when you wanna watch what is no doubt the greatest gif of all time.


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