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20 Movie Moments That Are Romantic As Hell, Even Without Sex Or Kissing

The juke joint scene from Queen & Slim is positively *chef's kiss*.

1. In A Walk to Remember, when Landon gently put the temporary butterfly tattoo on Jamie’s shoulder.

Warner Bros. Pictures

2. In A Star Is Born (2018), when Jackson slowly touched Ally’s nose at the bar, totally amazed by her beauty.


Warner Bros. Pictures

3. In Pride and Prejudice, when Mr. Darcy helped Elizabeth into her carriage and flexed his hand afterward.

Focus Features

4. In Holes, whenever Sam told Kate “I can fix that,” proving he’d always be there to support her.


5. In The Sound of Music, when Maria and the Captain danced the Laendler under the moonlight.


20th Century Fox

6. In To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, when Peter K. smoothly spun Lara Jean around in the cafeteria.


7. In Moonlight, when Chiron visited Kevin at the diner, and Kevin played their song — “Hello Stranger” — on the jukebox.


8. In Big Fish, when a fully clothed Sandra joined Edward in the bathtub, and they consoled each other in the deepest way.

Sony Pictures Releasing

9. In Queen & Slim, when Queen and Slim danced together for the first time at the juke joint, and a future conversation between the two characters played in the background instead of music.

Universal Pictures

10. In The Parent Trap, when Nick found the exact wine that was served at his wedding with Liz and bought every bottle ever made.



11. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1, when Hermione taught Ron how to play piano, and they were both giddy as heck.

Warner Bros.

12. In If Beale Street Could Talk, when Tish told Fonny she was pregnant, and they celebrated by holding hands through the prison glass window.

Annapurna Pictures

13. In Call Me by Your Name, when Oliver gave his shirt to Elio so he’d always remember the beautiful time they spent together.

Sony Pictures Classics

14. In Out of Africa, when Denys sensually washed Karen’s hair on that hot, hot day.

Universal Pictures

15. In Bring It On, when Torrance and Cliff brushed their teeth together and couldn’t help being absolutely smitten with each other.


Universal Pictures

16. In The Sun Is Also a Star, when Daniel saw Natasha in Grand Central Station for the first time and was completely mesmerized by her curiosity.

Warner Bros. Pictures

17. In Love & Basketball, when Monica and Quincy played a game of one-on-one for each other’s heart.

New Line Cinema

18. In But I’m a Cheerleader, when Graham gently touched Megan’s arm for the first time without anyone at True Directions noticing.

Lions Gate Films

19. In The Half of It, when Ellie and Aster had a deep, tension-filled conversation at the hot springs.


20. And in 13 Going On 30, when Jenna and Matt spent the night roaming around New York City while eating Razzles.


Columbia Pictures

Do *you* have a favorite romantic movie moment that doesn’t involve sex or kissing? Share with us in the comments below!


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