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Top 10 Most Romantic Nations In The World

Everyone perceives romance differently.

Everyone perceives romance differently. For some, the most romantic thing is an elegant flower bouquet, for others – a weekend in the mountains with their significant other, and for some, it is a cold beer and an open-air movie with kisses in the car. But sometimes it’s more than just a few people.

Here are the top 10 most romantic nations in the world!

1. Vietnamese

Vietnamese love writing and reading poetry, as well as riding on their father’s scooter with their loved one. How romantic is that?

2. Irish

The fact that the potato-loving Irish are on the list of the most romantic is quite a surprise. But they do know how to charm people with their charisma.


3. Swedes

The Swede’s primary “weapon” is not a lovely smile or their Viking roots, but the willingness to do any house chore. According to a scientific study, the Swedes are the best husbands in Europe, they help their wives with clean the house, and are very attentive to them. It turns out that ladies perceive this as a manifestation of romance. Did yea hear that, Felix?

4. Americans

Americans love going to an open-air cinema, watching a movie about love, eating popcorn, and kissing in the car. Well, maybe a bit more than just kissing.

5. Lebanese

Lebanese are different from the rest of the Middle-Eastern nations. Cute, with burning dark eyes, they use their appearance to charm anyone willing to be romanced.


6. Brazilians

Brazilians are open, cheerful, like to have fun, and have a boiling temper. Sometimes it seems like all they do is fall in love and watch football all day long.

7. French

Paris is the city of lovers, French is the language of passion, and this is not an exaggeration. Their architecture, music, art, cinema, cuisine, and many other factors create this unique romantic atmosphere no person can escape.

8. Italians

For Italians, a romantic mood is a very natural thing, especially in combination with their delicious cuisine, wine, and the country’s vast cultural heritage.

9. Argentines

Immigrants from Italy and Spain, two nations that are already hot as hell, combined their unruly temperaments and created one of the most passionate and sensual dances in the world – tango.

10. Spaniards

Europe’s hottest heartthrobs come straight from Spain, Italy, and France. But since Spain is the birthplace of flamenco, it’s no surprise that Spaniards are at the very top of this list. Spanish language, nature, cultural heritage, cuisine – they all contribute to a great romantic mood!



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