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Top 10 Kangoo Jump Boots And Bounce Shoes 2020 Reviews

Physical Health is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and intellectual activity.

Since the invention of jump shoes, great strides have been made in their quality and technology.

If you remember the original flimsy jump pads that were made to be attached to regular shoes, you know that they weren’t all that fun, and they weren’t really that safe.

Now, more than half a century later, today’s jump shoes look nothing like the original version. The perfected version looks a lot more like a roller skate on a stable platform, designed to hold your feet in and provide a maximum bounce.

Adults often use them for athletic training.

They’re an excellent way to get fit, and to practice for athletic competitions. They also have the added benefit of being a lot of fun, and there’s no such thing as growing out of simple pleasures. Children will get the health benefits that come along with a more active lifestyle, and they’ll have fun bouncing.

Everyone can use a pair of bounce shoes, but it’s hard to tell which ones are truly the best.

The Benefits of Jump Shoes

On the surface, they seem like they exist mostly for fun, but there are some things hiding below the surface. Many people actually purchase jump shoes for medical reasons.

As strange as it may sound, individuals who have issues with chronic back and leg pain find that jumping shoes alleviate some of that tension.

This makes them excellent shoes to wear while exercising, as they make physical activity comfortable for people who have a hard time getting around.

Athletes find jumping shoes valuable because of the way they allow them to train. In sports that involve a lot of running or jumping, such as basketball, there are core areas of the leg that need strengthening if the ultimate desire is to improve the athlete’s ability.

Jumping shoes, or jumping boots, allow focused intensity training by providing a slight boost. Once the muscles are strengthened and stamina is increased, athletes will see a performance boost over their typical performance when they aren’t wearing the jump shoes.

Northern Journal

Children have a lot to benefit from jump shoes as well.

Childhood obesity is on the rise because of increased access to easy entertainment. Television, computers, smartphones, and tablets all provide children stimulation that doesn’t involve physical activity. Getting a pair of jump shoes for your child will encourage them to move around a little more.

They’re fun, safe, and a much healthier alternative to sitting around indoors all day.


Kangoo Jumps X-Rebound Boots

How to Use Jumping Shoes

Jumping shoes are certainly different from regular shoes, and it’s a difference you’ll notice immediately. While it’s easy to find your center of gravity in regular sneakers, the construction of a jump shoe makes this task a little more like a balancing act.

In some ways, it’s similar roller skates or ice skates, but your relationship with the ground is much different.

Obviously, you’re going to have an added bounce in your step with regular walking. Before you start using them intensely, get used to walking around.

You’ll develop a feel for how gravity and your weight feel with a bounce in your step, and get used to balancing with the shoes. Slowly build up intensity.

Don’t put them on and go crazy. Slow and steady wins the race, and taking the time to get used to the feel of your jumping shoes can help you master their usage while keeping you safe.

Are Jumping Shoes Safe?

There’s been a lot of concern surrounding the safety of novelty footwear throughout the years.

The original bounce shoes weren’t nearly as safe as today’s jump shoes. Heelys, or skate shoes, were often in the news for a lot of injuries due to malfunctions in the shoes or users misunderstanding the instructions for safe usage.

Fortunately, jump shoes have been subject to far more thorough testing.

Their current design aims to redistribute weight in a way that will work with your natural balance.

Rather than losing your center of gravity, jumping shoes and jumping boots will simply narrow it down to one place. This means you’re less likely to trip if you’re good at other balance based activities, like skating or riding a bike.

You should always use good common sense, wear protective pads and gear, and only wear jumping shoes on dry, stable, even terrain for your safety.

The Top Ten Best Jumping Shoes

If you’re ready to get a pair of jump shoes for yourself or someone else, you may not know what you should be looking for in a jumping shoe.

We’ve explored the web and found the top ten shoes with the best ratings, reviews, and customer testimonials.

Below is a list of the best jumping shoes for both adults and children.

1. Kangoo Jumps XR3 Special Edition

Promising review: I just got these last night as an early birthday present for myself. I wasn’t sure what to expect. There are a few youtube videos I watched that made these look like a lot of fun, but most people using them in the videos looked a lot younger than me. So, I spent a little time figuring out the straps and clasps. It took me a few minutes but I got it. Then I put my feet and and tried to stand up. I couldn’t stand up from the floor so I had to take them off, sit on a chair and put them back on. Much easier to stand up from a chair. The first step was tentative. I was afraid I might fall over. But, these shoes/boots are amazingly supportive and well balanced. I immediately walked and bounced around the house easily. This morning I took them outside and shot a video so you can see how easy they are to use.

This is money well spent. I will definitely use these a lot. My foot is a size 6 and the small fits perfectly. I wore long socks in these and bounced, walked and jogged for about 20 minutes with no blisters or sore spots. I’ll see how my muscles feel tomorrow. You definitely get a leg and core workout. I’m already looking forward to using these again tomorrow.

By the way, these are definitely not just for young kids. Have fun and enjoy! — Totoro’s Mom

Get it from Amazon for $249.00.

2. Kangoo Jumps XR3 White Edition

Promising review: “Super fun and easy to use! A little heavy but that could add to the workout. I suggest safety gear (knee pads, elbow pads, helmet) because you get a little unbalanced if you are moving quickly. Its a shame they’re so expensive because I think a lot of people would enjoy these. As long as you don’t mind people staring at you because you’re a foot taller and striding like a gazelle in weird “ski boots” you will have a great time!!!” — CatnessO’Hara

Get it from Amazon for $259.00.

3. Kangoo Jumps Power Shoes (Children’s Model)


Promising review: “I’m a petite 25 year old female, and these fit me perfectly! I’m about 110 pounds, and they hold up very well. I snap these on when I’m out running, on the treadmill, or I simply pull up a Kangoo workout video on youtube and jump to that! It’s definitely a fun way to work out but boy do you feel it. My heart rate goes from resting to >100 bpm just like that with these on! I feel a lot more energized and I feel my lower body getting toned. **There are 3 bands that control the resistance, and the only alteration I did was cut the middle band to give me a little more spring since I’m pretty lightweight.** I would suggest wearing 1 normal pair of socks + 1 ankle length pair of socks since it can rub the sides of your calf. I used to run for 30 minutes, but now I can run for 1 hour with these on since these Kangoo jumps eliminated the pressure on my knees.” — Nathan and Crystal Hall

Get it from Amazon for $199.00.

4. Joyfay Unisex Fitness Jump Shoes Bounce Shoes

Promising review: “So much fun!!! Updated review. I have now had my boots for four months and I have to say I was a little intimidated at first at age 50 and kept putting them off. But I just started wearing them almost every day for a few hours a day. I can’t even explain the amount of joy I get out of wearing them. There are about 30 of us that go dancing from ages 45 to 89 and all I can say is fun fun fun. I originally got them because I have arthritis in my hips, needless to say,​ my hips do not hurt. One of the guys has two new knees, one woman had back surgery. It doesn’t matter how old you are.” — ProGolfChick

Get it from Amazon for $189.00.

5. Kangoo Jumps KJ XR3

Promising review: “I LOVE these!!! I am 5’2″, weigh 122 lbs…..have a regular 7.5 size foot and these fit perfect!! I am 6 feet tall in them!! LOL! They are a little stiff to bounce at first, but by the 3rd time wearing them I can feel them loosening up a bit. These are great, I am very happy with my purchase.” — Druanne

Get it from Amazon for $229.00.

6. Seakyland Unisex Jumping Shoes Bounce Shoes

Promising review: “These are great for exercise and lots of YouTube videos to do the workouts!” — Tammy Redd

Get it from Amazon for $158.00.

7. ZCOINS Unisex Kids Adults Anti-Gravity Running Boots Fitness Bounce Shoe Jumping Shoes 60-240 LBS

Get it from Amazon for $125.22.

8. Joyay Unisex Fitness Jump Shoes Bounce Shoes Please Check Size Chart Medium(Child 1.5-3)


Get it from Amazon for $169.99.

9. kangaroo jumping Shoes Bounce Sports Jumps Shoes Size 19/20


Promising review: “Excellent Product for newbie, size 19 equals 39 in Spain. Fast shipping took me 12 days. Sincerely very happy because I had a wrong color and talked to the supplier and fixed it instantly and he was very kind. I recommend it to 200%. I loved it. Thank you very much for all product, quality, price and sympathy.” — CUSTOMER REVIEWS

Get it from AliExpress for $94.50.

10. Kangoo Jumps XR3 Model

Promising review: “OMG❣️❣️❣️ I’m 62 years old & my knees are tired from many years of running. After knee surgeries, I thought my workout days were over. Then…Kanga Jumps❣️❣️❣️ Trust me…It’s EASY, tiring & more fun than being normal. You gotta do it.” — Jeralyn Fay Sabin

Get it from Amazon for $229.00.

Which Should You Choose?

With jumping boots, it’s not as simple as a generalized recommendation.

There are jump shoes for children, and jump shoes for adults. Certain shoes have different weight limits, and may need adjustments to work for some people.

Different jump mechanisms handle rebound in different ways, and it comes down to whether you intend on using them for fun or for serious exercise.

Always read the specifications before purchasing to make sure you’re getting the right jump shoe for you, and don’t forget to properly care for your jump boots to ensure their longevity.


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