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14 Most Iconic Duos In Cinema History

Our favorite television and movie duos aren’t easily forgotten.

Every year Hollywood produces more and more movies with memorable characters. Some are great as solo roles, others work best in an ensemble of three and more, and then there are the iconic tandems. These are the roles meant to complete one another. We’re talking Tango and Cash, Magneto and Professor X, Doc and Marty, and many-many more!

Let’s take a quick glance at the 14 most iconic duos in cinema history.

1. Nick and Danny – “Hot Fuzz”

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost could have gotten on this list for any of their brilliant movies, but their chemistry in “Hot Fuzz” in the fantastic parody of the buddy-cop sub-genre was unforgettable.

2. Woody and Buzz – “Toy Story”

These two are perhaps the most famous animated friends right after Tom and Jerry. Whenever one of them is in trouble, the other one will always come to the rescue.


3. Tango and Cash – “Tango and Cash”

Two hot-headed policemen, who are hardly the best examples for any young police recruit, somehow managed to sell their over-the-top machismo even to the most exquisite viewer. Oh, and Sylvester Stallone wearing those glasses was classy as hell.

4. Harry and Marv – “Home Alone”

Harry and Marv are perhaps the worst robbers that have ever existed, but the hilarious moments that these two get into are definitely the selling point of “Home Alone.”

5. Andy and Red – “Shawshank Redemption”

These two are just good people who ended up in prison and became best friends.


6. Marcus and Mike – “Bad Boys”

Want to see more “bad cop – worse cop” duos? Bad Boys has got you covered! Marcus and Mike are both pretty funny and cool.

7. Magneto and Professor X – “X-Men”

Magneto and Xavier are two intellectuals who often find themselves on different sides of the barricades, but still, respect each other nonetheless.

8. C3PO and R2D2 – “Star Wars”

These two androids add a pinch of humor to the classic space opera that is Star Wars. One can’t shut up and constantly gets caught in ridiculous situations, and the other one prefers to do the job quietly.

9. Doc and Marty McFly – “Back to the Future”

A crazy scientist and his friend travel through time, causing shenanigans. What could be more fun? Maybe if instead of time, they traveled to different dimensions?

10. Vincent and Jules – “Pulp Fiction”

And here we have the two amigos from Tarantino’s cult film Pulp Fiction. Their first scene alone is more than enough to explain how good they are.


11. Han Solo and Chewbacca – “Star Wars”

These two are loved by millions of Star Wars fans worldwide. Not only do they complement each other perfectly, but Chewie’s cute growls add that fun factor to their partnership.

12. Jay and Silent Bob – Various Kevin Smith Films

These two, who were in most of Kevin Smith’s films, are polar opposites. One is reckless and talks non-stop, and the second is, well, silent, pretty much like C3PO and R2D2.

13. Tyler and the Narrator – “Fight Club”

“Fight Club” is undeniably a cult classic. With a duo like Tyler and whoever narrates everything happening around him, it’s no surprise to see “both” of them at the top of this list.

14. Riggs and Murtaugh – “Lethal Weapon”

There is always a special bond between the police partners, and these two are nothing without each other. Despite all their quarrels, difficult, and often funny moments, they always help each other out and have their partner’s back no matter what.


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14 Most Iconic Duos In Cinema History

Our favorite television and movie duos aren’t easily forgotten.
Ethel Carmen · July 7, 2020