Guy rides propeller of ship

It is his job to kick off the long process of starting up the steam turbine and keep it running slowly, about one turn every 5 minutes.
Ethel Carmen · August 14, 2020

Moving a black rhino via helicopter

The WWF Black Rhino Expansion Project translocates the animals to create new populations of endangered species.
Ethel Carmen · August 14, 2020

Hitting a golf ball at 500 MPH

You know it’s good when two experienced engineers scream with giddy delight before each test.
Ethel Carmen · August 14, 2020

Baby duck water slide

You have full permission to watch this on repeat all day.
Ethel Carmen · August 14, 2020

Popping wolf’s-milk slime bubbles

Lycogala epidendrum, also known as Wolf’s-milk slime, grows on rotten wood between June and November and looks like little, round, reddish-pink balls that exude a pinkish-gray paste when popped.
Ethel Carmen · August 13, 2020