Interesting · June 29, 2020

8 Amazing Facts About Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is probably the most interesting period in our history.

Ancient Egypt is probably the most interesting period in our history. Despite all our fascination with it, and our research into its enigmatic past, there’s still a lot about Ancient Egypt that we don’t yet know.

Let’s take a look at some little-known facts about Ancient Egypt. Get ready to have your mind blown!

Women Had Equal Rights in Egypt

Seems like somehow back in history we changed this, but women were considered equal to men in Ancient Egypt.

Both Genders Wore Make-Up

Being equal in all things means that you also both wear make-up, I suppose. Men wearing make-up just like women wasn’t a weird thing to see back in Ancient Egypt.


Only The Most Important Texts Were Written in Hieroglyphs

Despite us all connecting Egypt to hieroglyphic writing, this was actually only used for the most important texts found in pyramids and such. It was considered too time-consuming to use it for everything.

They Invented Toothpaste

I guess being way ahead of your time when it comes to science also means you’re going to be inventing something you can put on a brush to keep your teeth pearly white.

They Also Mummified Animals

We all know by now that the mummification process was saved for the influential and important people in Egyptian society, but this was also true for their pets. Influential people wanting to die with their cats could do so, and often mummified their pet.


Cleopatra Was Not Egyptian

She was actually of Greek/Macedonian descent! The most famous Egyptian person in history wasn’t even Egyptian to begin with!

The Temperature in the Great Pyramids is Always 20°C

No matter how hot or cold the surrounding Egyptian landscape gets, the pyramids themselves always have an interior temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Considering how I can’t even keep my house at the same temperature, this is pretty impressive.

They Drank Beer Regularly

We all consider the Egyptians to be this scientific, intelligent civilization, but they drank a few brews just like the rest of us. And why shouldn’t they, it’s fun!