When The Earth Suddenly Stopped Warming

For decades, scientists have been studying the hotly-debated cause of the Younger Dryas, and trying to figure out if something like it could happen again.
Ethel Carmen · January 6, 2021

A Great Quake Lake Skate

Parents in Bozeman, MT pulled their son from school early to check out the frozen lake with his hockey teammate, and it turned out to be an incredibly rare, first-time experience.
Ethel Carmen · January 6, 2021

Do You Love Me?

After getting requests for their robots to dance, the crew at Boston Dynamics got together to celebrate the start of what they hope will be a happier year.
Ethel Carmen · January 5, 2021

The Mr. Trololo Original Upload

The Soviet government forbade singing this song on-air as its contained pro-Western themes, so the singer improvised and removed the lyrics!
Ethel Carmen · January 4, 2021

Flamethrower vs. Snow

We do not recommend this, a simple snow shovel will do.
Ethel Carmen · January 3, 2021